Chris Kraft

Web Developer • Graphic Designer

ESPN-Toyota Sportsnation

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Photoshop
  • Python Flask

The Sportsnation Pulse of the Nation Tour traveled to sporting events at various cities around the United States. The Tour used interactive technology and social media to engage fans and register them in a sponsored sweepstakes.

Truck and AV trailer

Monitor layout of the AV trailer (back left) and video recording PC and tent (back right)

As the digital development partner to the Tour, NSIXTY was responsible for creating the custom applications that captured guest information and displayed survey results. A touchscreen computer recorded video of guests answering a sports-related question, and a tablet computer was used by a Sportsnation steward to gather poll answers. The videos and poll results were updated in real time on a wall of four monitors aboard an AV trailer. As an NSIXTY developer, I was responsible for creating the graphics used in the video recording computer’s interface (examples below) and the polling device’s interface.

For each event, I had to create a unique salutation image (lower left) and poll question image (upper left). The bar chart (upper right) and loop of the recorded video answers (lower right) each ran on a Raspberry Pi that updated and displayed in real time. Our back-end programmer coded all the logic and functionality for these displays, while I modified the Javascript of the jQuery bar chart plugin to make the poll results look consistent with the rest of the Sportsnation graphics.